Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taking A Trip Down To Memory Lane: Homecoming Time

Last week in Michigan.
I went to a lot of Graduation Parties, I said goodbye to many people, I gathered my belongings together, I watched my last sunsets and I cried bitter tears.

But let’s start from the beginning.
The week got the lead out.
It began happily because I was on vacation, I felt ready to go home, I bought many gifts and I was looking forward to give them, I went to many parties and everybody knows that the things I love the most are Parties and Food, I felt well-integrated in the community,  so I can’t explain how much I was happy.

Few days before the departure something changed.
Nobody wants to be woken up while dreaming.
I was scared to come back to reality because I unavoidably lost pieces of my friends’ life, I was living (almost) on my own and I became a little bit more selfish, I was again plunging into the unknown, the “dream” became the real life and the “reality” became the uncertainty.
I fell apart.
Were my friends still interested to me? Was my family ready to my new and enriched character? Was I ready to face the summer with 15 Kg more? Yes, I gained around 15 Kg living 9 months and 2 weeks in the U.S.A..

Saying goodbye to my American friends resurfaced the memories we had together.

While picking up my stuff from my bedroom I went through a lot of feelings and I ended up with a smile and a tear poured down my face.

Last but not least, leaving my host family was hard as integration.
Sara, Resa and her boyfriend Devin, Kara, Jeanette and the Mcdonalds, neighbors and family’s friends and relatives: they all make me feel home and I will never say enough “thank you” to describe my gratitude.
The most touching event was a short chat with Kara, my younger host sister, ended with a long and desperate crying. Kara helped me out all year long and since I am an only child she is the closest thing to a sister I will never know.

Time’s up! Put luggage into the trunk and go to airport.
You have many hours of flight to clear up your thoughts. All alone.
Now, you are back.
Now, you have to speak Italian again. Also if you don’t want.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Graduation Day

May 30, 2008. What a great day: school finished, Senior year was gone, all my American friends were smiling, we were waiting altogether in a long line inside the main building to walk out in the back yard for the ceremony.

It was all quite until I heard a friend of mine yelling from the end of the hall: <<Veronicaaaaaa someone  is looking for you! She looks lost.>>

And there she appeared, my mum.
New hair color, same genuine look.

It was weird, it didn’t seem so long I wasn’t seeing her but 9 months passed by fast.
Anyway, I knew she was coming to the Graduation but I didn’t know she was already arrived.

The ceremony started.
Awards to Honour Society members were given.
Fathers were recording videos and mothers were wearing the best dress.
The national anthem echoed.
The degree hand in began. As usual, I was the last one on the list because my last name starts by Z.
While waiting to go up on the platform, I noticed that after a long and very cold winter it was finally sunny and warm.

When it was my time to get my diploma and the Principal handshake everybody else was already throwing hats toward the sky
By the time I came down everything was concluded. Sigh.

Time for pictures!

Kara and I. She taught me what sisterhood is.
With my "mums".
After all that, my host family, my mum and I went to Red Lobster for dinner.

At Red Lobster.
I spent the day after with my mother exploring downtown Monroe, MI and chatting a bit. My mum rent a Corvette for the occasion and many laughs were spent for the bad driving due to the automatic shift.

In the late afternoon we said goodbye again to each other and then she came back to NYC. This time was easier let her go, 8 days later I was supposed to be back home.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pending Stories

Once upon a time 
(4 years ago) 
a lazy girl called Veronica used to tell stories 
about being an exchange student.

After she went back to her Country,
 she no longer wrote stories 
but some of them swam throughout the Ocean 
and followed the young lady in Italy.

These poor little stories,
 all by themselves,
never lost their faith 
 hid in a place very close to Veronica 
to come out in the right moment,

I talked about feelings before leaving our own Country, I talked about the 
Culture Shock, I talked about happy moments and sad ones, I talked about travelling alone, I probably talked too much but to complete the chronicles of an 
Exchange Program I still have 3 steps to tell you:
  • The Graduation Day
  • Preparing The Homecoming and Flying Back
  • Reverse Culture Shock

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome Back Blogger Life

Here we are again! 
After almost 4 years of silence, now I'm ready to restart writing on my blog.
My goal is to share my experience abroad with whoever is going to study, to work or simply to travel in a foreign country.
We will talk about every aspect of life: hobbies and interests, food, school, university, night life, music, people.
New words for a brand-new blog.
That's way, while I was thinking about a reopening, I needed a new title for the whole blog and after a lot of brainstorming I chose LIVIN' + ABROAD.
Three reasons:

  1. LIVIN': I would like to write about everyday life but I don't want it to seem rant or high-flown.
  2. ABROAD: Travels unite many of us. It is very inspiring for enlarging horizons, for taking pictures and for exploring New Worlds, us.
  3. LIVIN' + ABROAD: Sometimes life is unpredictable, in one second we catch opportunities that change our lives completely. Going abroad to study or to work is one of the most exciting experience in which we can go through.
The last news I have to share with you is that from now on the language used will be mostly English. This because there are more people who understand English than Italian.

Let's have fun!

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