Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome Back Blogger Life

Here we are again! 
After almost 4 years of silence, now I'm ready to restart writing on my blog.
My goal is to share my experience abroad with whoever is going to study, to work or simply to travel in a foreign country.
We will talk about every aspect of life: hobbies and interests, food, school, university, night life, music, people.
New words for a brand-new blog.
That's way, while I was thinking about a reopening, I needed a new title for the whole blog and after a lot of brainstorming I chose LIVIN' + ABROAD.
Three reasons:

  1. LIVIN': I would like to write about everyday life but I don't want it to seem rant or high-flown.
  2. ABROAD: Travels unite many of us. It is very inspiring for enlarging horizons, for taking pictures and for exploring New Worlds, us.
  3. LIVIN' + ABROAD: Sometimes life is unpredictable, in one second we catch opportunities that change our lives completely. Going abroad to study or to work is one of the most exciting experience in which we can go through.
The last news I have to share with you is that from now on the language used will be mostly English. This because there are more people who understand English than Italian.

Let's have fun!

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