Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pending Stories

Once upon a time 
(4 years ago) 
a lazy girl called Veronica used to tell stories 
about being an exchange student.

After she went back to her Country,
 she no longer wrote stories 
but some of them swam throughout the Ocean 
and followed the young lady in Italy.

These poor little stories,
 all by themselves,
never lost their faith 
 hid in a place very close to Veronica 
to come out in the right moment,

I talked about feelings before leaving our own Country, I talked about the 
Culture Shock, I talked about happy moments and sad ones, I talked about travelling alone, I probably talked too much but to complete the chronicles of an 
Exchange Program I still have 3 steps to tell you:
  • The Graduation Day
  • Preparing The Homecoming and Flying Back
  • Reverse Culture Shock

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